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Building A Cloffice: How To Turn A Closet Into A Compact Home Office

The nails hold the parts in perfect alignment while you drill the holes and drive the 1-5/8-in. You want to spread the lighting around by adding puck lights, desk lamps, and mounted sconces to dark corners. Leave considerable space over your desk area (so you don’t hit your head every time you stand up) and put up some floating shelves to show off your precious items.

How do you turn a closet into a desk?

  1. Create Faux Sconces.
  2. Go Doorless to Show Off Your Space.
  3. Use a Custom Closet Setup.
  4. Get a Bold (and Comfy) Chair.
  5. Dress It Up with Wallpaper.
  6. Squeeze in All the Shelves You Can.
  7. Mount Your Monitor(s)
  8. Create a Built-In Desk (If You're Handy)

Sheet of Plywood – I got a sheet of plywood with a finished edge for my desk front. If you want the thicker look of a butcher block countertop, another option is to use a nail gun or brad nailer to attach a 1 x 2” endcap.

Real Shared Home Office Layouts That Are Both Functional and Stylish

Consider using an over-the-door organizer to give you more places to store smaller items. Use three-ring binders with pockets to organize bills and paperwork. Don’t add too many extra accessories – keep your work space as clear as possible or you might find it cluttered or distracting. It is simply a closet that has been transformed into an office or compact work station. We designed one for our High Park client just a short while back. Construction hasn’t begun because of covid but we are perched, ready to go with all the design work completed. The beauty of this design is that it provides a bit of workspace along with storage.

Attach the braces to all three walls with the screws going into the drywall anchors first as you see in the video. Once you have drilled all the holes in the https://remotemode.net/ 1×2’s, hold them up against the wall. Using an icepick, long nail, or something sharp and skinny, mark the center of where the drywall anchor hole should be.

Get a mirror to create an illusion of a bigger space

If you don’t have an existing closet that will work, consider adding a screen or installing a room divider to create a separate office area within a larger room. If you have limited storage space in your home, you might not be willing to give up your whole closet to create a mini workstation—and that’s ok! This is a great example of how you can use a closet for both purposes. The custom built-in divider creates a desk on one side of the closet, while the other half has several storage cubbies and a space to hang clothing. It serves double duty and looks great while doing it.

You can add these boards on walls and doors to create flexible storage space for whatever you need. Don’t want to spend too much on decor accents for your cloffice space? Take a cue from blogger Yaro Zuarich, who gave his cloffice a personal touch with baskets-turned-pendants. He thrifted the baskets for $0.50 each (what a find!) and then used metallic paint and hot glue to turn them into hanging lights for his little space. He also hung a pegboard in his workspace, which offers a versatile solution for storing all sorts of work essentials.

Best Standing Desks for Home Office (With Photos From Real People)

Feel free to use this simple DIY checklist as guidance to design a WFH closet office tailored to your taste. Here are some handpicked cloffice ideas that will help to create your own happy workspace.

convert closet to desk

He picked the colour – a deep violet – and I surprised him by adding lighting accents. The entire process took a few weeks of work spread over evenings and weekends. The desk you choose in the next step may have cable management convert closet to office options, so you’ll want to avoid plugging in the power strip now if that’s the case. If you’re just going to have it sit on the floor or in some other cable management mechanism, feel free to take care of it now.

How to Build An Easy DIY Closet Desk (with Video Tutorial)

If you have a walk-in closet, position the desk where the light flows freely. Try to find a chair that fits inside the cloffice so that you’re able to shut the closet door with ease. With the main support installed, add in the remaining smaller support pieces.

convert closet to desk

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